The Healthy Blair County Coalition (HBCC) is a partnership of individuals and organizations working to promote the social, economic, emotional, and physical well-being of area residents. Listed below are existing groups people can join to help positively impact our community.

Data Analysis Work Group

The Data Analysis Work Group will review all primary indicator data such as survey results and will assist in the collection and analysis of secondary indicator data for Blair County.

Bridges Network

As a result of the first needs assessment, a Poverty Work Group was formed to research model programs, develop a better understanding of poverty in Blair County and the extent to which agencies and programs provide resources and/or address poverty-related issues, and to develop a model to coordinate services such as emergency financial assistance in order to effectively use resources available within the county. The work group has sponsored or assisted in conducting three poverty simulations.

Public Relations/Marketing Work Group

This work group was formed to provide awareness of the Healthy Blair County Coalition, inform residents and community members about the surveys and how to participate, share the results of the needs assessment and other data collections, including the strengths and assets of Blair County, and lastly to increase collaboration and partnerships among all aspects of the community by providing an opportunity to participate in the Coalition.

Let’s Move Blair County Committee

This work group will research, select, and implement programs/activities to address obesity, encourage physical activity, and impact the incidence of diabetes. One of their goals is to encourage the integration of health and wellness into every aspect of community life by coordinating and collaborating with all other agencies currently working on this effort. Members have officially adopted the national Let’s Move project and are coordinating efforts for Let’s Move Blair County.

Mental Health Work Group

This work group is addressing unmet needs and working to improve issues related to mental health services for children and adolescents.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Work Group

This work group is assisting in the implementation of SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) which includes substance abuse as an area screened during routine healthcare. As part of the project, physicians and other healthcare workers are trained to intervene and a protocol for referral to drug and alcohol services was developed.

Tobacco-Free Work Group

This work group will explore options for implementing policies and programs that promote a smoke-free community (e.g. smoke-free workplaces, clean air ordinances, smoking cessation programs, etc.).

Workplace Wellness Committee

In collaboration with the Healthy Blair County Coalition, the Blair County Chamber of Commerce created a Workplace Wellness Committee. The purpose is to encourage businesses to become part of the wellness movement and share resources to develop or enhance current workplace wellness programs.

Dental Care Work Group

This work group is researching and gathering data to determine the gaps and available resources for dental care (adult and pediatric) in Blair County.

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