Jun 22

Think outside the County….. Global Wellness Plans?

We have a great selection of local companies and what they are doing for Wellness Plans, but lets think bigger? what are companies around the country doing for their employees? Can we learn from them? Can we incorporate some or all of what they practice? Here are just a few companies and what they are doing:



Fitbit not only has a great internal wellness initiative dedicating every Wednesday purely to be fit by scheduling various workouts throughout the day, they also have quarterly step challenges using their own product. However, in addition to internal measures have reached out globally with their Fitbit Wellness. As of last year thirty Fortune 500 companies participated. Fitbits are distributed to companies such as Target and their employees receive them at a discounted rate, they enroll in company wellness challenges that Fitbit tracks with their dashboard to track steps, calories burned, active minutes, distant and hours of sleep. BP, for example used their Fitbit challenge to create a “One Million Step Challenge” where employees who hit that mark over one year where eligible for lower deductibles in their health plan.



Zappos online retailer has some amazing ideas for corporate wellness. Just a few of the things they offer employees; gym memberships, free fitness classes, nap rooms and marathon reimbursements. To kick of March Madness the company organized a three on three basketball game at their outdoor plaza. Kelly Maher (wellness coordinator) strongly believes its not just about stereotypical exercise, its about listening to your employees and finding out what motivates them. “Success programs are the ones that get team members energized versus forcing it on them”. Another perk is Zappos will take a small group of employees from different departments for a day or afternoon out of the office. Golf lessons, laser tag or trampolining. Tuesdays, he takes out playground toys puts them in the plaza for recess Tuesdays. Employees inevitably will start playing kick ball, volleyball or shooting some hoops.



Draper, Inc a leading manufacturer for window blinds in schools across the country and was voted the healthiest workplace in the United States in 2014 by Healthier Employers LLC. In 2008 Draper, Inc opened a wellness park at the edge of their property complete with a 1/5th mile track, workout stations, table tennis and volleyball courts. Linda Brinson, the wellness coordinator creates a monthly newsletter featuring “wellness superheroes” who are named by their peers for modeling healthy behaviors in the workplace.


Google isgooglelogo_color_272x92dp globally known as one of the coolest places to work, they have a slide in case employees are tired of taking the stairs (personally i would use this every day) The East Coast office houses ping pong tables, nap pods and LEGO stations. Employees can shower, get their laundry done, get messages and even swim at work. Google created a People and Innovation Lab (PiLab), this department is devoted to finding unique ways to improve the health of its employees. Employees empower employees, they have in house classes ranging from public speaking to kickboxing. Their program is continuously growing ever mindful of the changes they are making not only within their company but as other’s become aware of what they are doing.




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