Jun 17

Summertime Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenges are fun, effective and free to participate!! with summer here there are so many more resources at our disposal to help employees be more mindful of their health and exercise routine. To adopt a healthier lifestyle and feel better about themselves and both physically and mentally. Find a way to incorporate this into a challenge, it’ll also help with a sense of camaraderie and bring out everyone’s competitive side.  A few key points to remember:

  1. Create the challenge, set a time line, a week, a month; Steps for the month, Exercise routines, eating habits. Any challenge that makes employees be accountable for their health.
  2. Reward them, this speaks to everyone. Yes they will get the reward of feeling better, having more energy and generally being healthier but we all have that kid instinct in us still telling us we need to “win” the race. Whether you give out a cash reward, vacation time, premier parking spot, lunch – come up with a way to reward the challenge.
  3. Be mindful of physical exercise and that competitive drive, please have employees get a physicians approval before engaging in physical activity.
  4. Challenge ideas:
    1. Point system – Get 7 hours sleep a night (essential for a healthy lifestyle) get one point for every night that happens (a fitbit is a great way to track this). Get a physical or health assessment, one point, drink 32 oz of water a day – one point for every day.
    2. Participate in “mile per day” program, chose an activity; walking, running, biking, aerobics, swimming and track your efforts, make sure each day it adds up to a mile. Have a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner each month and reward them with a certificate.
    3. Stair climbing competition – count your steps climbed everyday and establish a goal and prize for reaching it.
    4. Eat 5 servings per day of fruits and or veggies – track this and earn points for each serving.
    5. Bring a healthy snack, or share a healthy snack recipe – one point for each.
    6. Track your calorie count, use a calorie counter such as myfitnesspal.com, loseit.com, fatsecret.com, cron-o-meter.com, sparkpeople.com. Put in your height, weight, age and your goal weight and stick to the calorie count, see who at the end of the month was able to stick to it and for how  many days.

A lot of these challenges are based on an honor system, so make that clear. Also, make it fun. You want employees engaged and wanting to see what you’ll come up with each month. Start an email chain for participants and encourage each other, share ideas, successes, failures and ideas for other challenges.


If you have any great challenge ideas you  have either participated in or would like too, please let us know in the comments below.


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