Jun 15

Summer Office Wellness

Summer has certainly arrived in Central PA. The time of year we all want to get outside, swim, have picnics and enjoy laying in the sun all day with a drink in hand (insert screeching record). Unfortunately for most of us, we have to work throughout the summer too. So how do we incorporate summer and the office? Here are a few ideas to engage your employees and enjoy the summer even during the work week.

  • Summer Strides: Get a lunch time walking group together, walk around the neighborhood, parking lot, near by park. Studies have proven that a walk refreshes our attention span and helps us return for the afternoon with a clear mind (i’ll take that).
  • Pot Luck Lunches: Usually associated with winter and bringing in casseroles and soups, but who is to say you can’t make that a summer tradition too? bring in your favorite healthy summer treat, salads, fruit, veggies, grilled chicken. Make it a competition and see who can bring in a dish filled with nutritional value.
  • Yoga: Maybe not practical for every office, but if you can offer either before work, lunch time or after work yoga classes, have them outside if able. Provide the mats and make it easy for employees to participate. Yoga improves our ability to concentrate and manage stress so making this a work week perk will see positive results for everyone.
  • Summer Recipe: Do you have an intranet or newsletter? ask employees to submit their favorite healthy summer time recipe and pick a couple each month to highlight. if you get enough make a cookbook, possibly have employees vote and have prizes for the top 3 winners.
  • Office Field Day: Everyone wants to be outside right now, exercise reduces stress, improves your mood and increases self confidence. Organize an office softball or volleyball team, maybe schedule a half day and have an office Olympics afternoon outside. summer-solstice-yoga-wellness-wine-retreat_0


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