Jun 16

Summer Lunch Box Recipes

We all fall into that dreaded trap of eating out too much during the work week!!  its easy, convenient and usually full of fatty, high calorie options we should avoid at all costs. I was always stopping at a drive thru or ordering with everyone for work, it just seemed like “what you do”. However, i have a desk job, i sit for the better part of the day, i needed to find some options that allowed me to enjoy lunch but at the same time watch what i was eating. The answer for me was bring a lunch, the key is planning this at the beginning of the week, even on Sunday. If you plan  your lunches and have them prepared you are much more likely to stick to it rather than give into the craving of french fries and a burger!

I am a huge fan of Pinterest (see logo in case you are not familiar with it) and utterly convinced i can find absolutely anything i need for any occasion by just searching. So i searched lunch box ideas, first of all, purchase containers with dividers, they will save you time and money; they will also help with portion control, don’t eat more than you can fit in a container, that is key


Here are a few ideas:









Picture3         Picture2


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