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Stiffler McGraw Wellness Program

Stifflestifflerr McGraw is implementing a Wellness Challenge based upon the loss of Body Fat Percentage and BMI. The name of our challenge is SMArt Living! (SMA stands for Stiffler McGraw & Associates). We wanted to come up with a creative title to incorporate our business name. 

We have formed a wellness program to involve everyone by gathering information and opinions of others. Instead of individually participating in the challenge, we have decided to make it a team effort for more encouragement and participation among employees.

There are a total of 24 people who have joined the challenge! Among the 24, 6 teams of 4 were created. To make the challenge teams fair, we had the shareholders who are involved automatically become team captains. Since there were only 3 shareholders signed-up, we put all employee names in a hat and pulled out 3 other names. The first 3 names that were pulled is how we chose the other team captains. To keep it fair, we put all 6 team captain names in a hat; in the order they were chosen is who went first to last in choosing their teammates. To keep it completely random and fair, the team captains each chose their teammates by pulling 3 names out of a hat. This is how a team of 4 was created.

The SMArt Living Challenge consists of 3 weigh-ins and enticing incentives to increase productivity and participation. Each person had to weigh in on the scale to find their weight. After this was determined, a fat loss monitor was held by each employee to calculate their Body Fat Percentage and BMI based on, their height, weight, age, and gender. This monitor uses bioelectric impedance to measure body fat versus lean body weight. In doing so, the monitor sends a gentle current through the upper torso to measure in seconds. This is a great tool for our challenge!

The first weigh-in was on Tuesday, September 1, 2015. The second weigh-in will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2015. At this weigh-in the team who has lost the most average body fat percentage as a whole team will each receive a $50 giftcard of their choice! The final weigh-in will be held on Tuesday, November 24, 2015; before everyone is off for Thanksgiving. The team who lost the most average body fat percentage from the beginning weigh-in, as a team, will each receive 8 hours of vacation. The team who comes in second place will each receive a $50 giftcard of their choice and third place will each receive a $25 giftcard of their choice.

Throughout the course of the wellness program, Courtney will send out e-mails weekly to biweekly on pointers about exercising and eating healthy to keep everyone on track.


Thank you to Courtney Seidel for sharing their program. Please keep in touch with how it is progressing and the results and feedback you receive.

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