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Sheetz Shwellness Program

As part of our overall Wellness Program, Sheetz offers onsite healthcare to their employees and family members through 3 workplace clinics which are staffed by 7 full time clinicians in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  Known to our employees as the Shwellness Centers, our model includes 2 Nurse Practitioners, a Registered Nurse/Health Coach, a Registered Dietitian, an Exercise Physiology in our Fitness Center, a Physician’s Assistant and a Certified Medical Assistant.

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In the last year, over 2,450 patient visits in our health centers were incurred, of which 63% were for sick/urgent care while the remaining 37% were preventive health coaching sessions.  We logged another 3,255 labs, DOT physicals, allergy shots, school physicals, drug testing, referrals and prescriptions from our health centers as well.  Since opening in 2012, we have seen dramatic reductions in health care trends, care gaps and risk scores for our wellness populations.  For our chronic-conditions patients who are eligible to use the Shwellness Center, their treatment protocol compliance rates have improved at a rate of 3x, compared to those who don’t have immediate access to the facilities.  We are now engaging 63% of our High/Chronic condition employees/spouses, compared to 4-5% engagement prior to having onsite healthcare.  These are our members with the most several lifestyle related conditions.  We have also seen great results in other outcomes, such as 46% of our high blood pressure patients returning to normal ranges and a 10-point trend differential in paid-claims between those eligible for the health center vs. those who don’t have immediate access.  Much of the success is driven by the biometric screenings that are available, followed by health coaching and motivational interviewing.  We see it as a progressive model of a.) Awareness, b.) Engagement, c.) Encouragement and d.) Outcomes.  All services and prescription drugs dispensed are free and employees remain ‘on-the-clock’ while visiting the health centers.

The Shwellness Centers are the hub of our wellness program, which also offers such benefits to all employees such as:

  • Onsite Fitness Centers:  We offer 3 locations with free onsite fitness centers for employees and spouses that include cardio, weight/strength training, weight management support and group exercise classes.  Our group exercise classes are offered 5 days per week at varying times throughout the day, and include Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Insanity and Walking Programs.  They also offer free personal training options for individuals and small groups.  This is in addition to our Gym Discount program for all employees.
  • Quarterly Wellness Challenges:  Our challenges average over 200 teams with 4-5 members on each team who work together in fun, multi-week challenges to compete with one another in areas such as a.) getting 30 minutes of exercise per day, b.) increases fruit/veggie intake each day, c.) drinking required amounts of water, d.) getting more consistent sleep, e.) maintaining a healthy weight, etc.  Prizes are awarded such as Fit-Bits, t-shirts, water bottles, fitness towels, etc.
  • Healthy Lunch-and-Learns:  Employees and Spouses join our Shwellness Center clinicians and local doctors onsite for monthly classes on topics such as Acid Reflux, Colon Cancer Awareness, Skin Screenings with a Dermatologist, Cholesterol Basics, etc.  This gives employees the chance to ask questions or just listen to helpful information on how to easily modify their lifestyle to control conditions they may have.
  • Tele Health Coaching:  For our remote employees at stores, they can also call into the Shwellness Center for Tele Health Coaching on any health, fitness or nutrition topics they would like to discuss.
  • Periodic Walking Programs:  We have a 50 & 100 mile walking/running challenge we offer a few times per year.  We average 140 participants who each get a t-shirt and bragging rights.
  • Healthy Food Shows:  Our Registered Dietitian works with our Chef to provide Healthy Food Shows throughout the year in which they create healthy recipe samples for employees to try, including recipe cards so employees can make the meals at home for their families.  Our last Food Show included 366 employees.
  • Onsite Stress Management Counselor:  Through our pilot program, we have been able to bring a Mental Health Counselor onsite 2 days per week to offer stress-management appointments to individuals in a face-to-face environment.  This program has been extremely successful in both utilization and results.
  • Volley Ball and Fitness Tournaments:  Employees like to compete with one another and we help that by offering things like Volleyball tournaments.  Our last tournament included 80 employees.
  • Nutrition Programs:  Throughout the year, we offer multi-week nutrition programs where employees can work directly with our Dietitian to set goals in a challenge environment.  They typically include a fitness component as well.  Our last program included 40 employees.
  • Other Notable Events:  Tobacco Cessation Programs, Departmental Biometric Screenings, 5k Training, Walking Paths, Departmental Stretching/Exercise Breaks, etc.

Our ‘Culture of Shwellness’ is summarized each quarter in our Shwellness Newsletter which is mailed to all 16,500+ employees.  It provides tips for employees in all of our operating areas on nutrition, fitness, health, prevention and mental health.  We also feature employee success stories and motivational topics to encourage them to continue down the road of wellness.  They also have access to all of the Health/Wellness programs on our employee portal 24/7, including blogs from our clinicians and health coaches where they can share ideas in a community forum.

Thanks Travis for getting me so much information on the Sheetz Wellness Plan, what a lot you offer your employees, does anyone else offer anything along these lines? please comment or submit an article to me on what you are doing at your company for Wellness.

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