Aug 10

Monday Morning Blues

The weekend is over, a nice Sunday morning lay-in is replaced with that ever relentless alarm clock on Monday mornings, reminding us that another week has begun and we have 5 days till the weekend comes around again!! You may feel energized and ready to start the week, but if like a lot of us you are having a little bit of a hard time pulling it together this morning, here are a few tips that will hopefully help get us out of the Monday morning funk:

  • Eat Breakfast: it might seem silly, but so many of us (myself included) skip this meal, we are in a rush, don’t feel hungry yet, but its such an important meal for several reasons, it’ll give the fuel you need to start your day, it’ll help fend off those 10 am vending machine attacks, its also a great way to ease into the day; read the paper, chat with your kids, sit on your porch. Whatever helps you start your day in a positive way.
  • Don’t schedule trying tasks for first thing: the frantic rush of Monday mornings can already damper the mood before  you start your day, give yourself a little time Monday morning to check email, look through your calendar on how this week looks, touch base with your colleagues/managers.
  • Look forward to something: Schedule lunch with a friend, a yoga class, a nice walk at lunch, give yourself something to look forward too throughout the week that gets you away from your desk.
  • Set Priorities: Take care of your work priorities, maybe something you put off on Friday until today, maybe a deadline you know is approaching, prioritize your week so its doesn’t seem so overwhelming and cause more stress as the week goes on.
  • Get some Exercise: This is a great way to boost your endorphins and start your morning/week on a happier more positive note.
  • Treat yourself: Weather its a new outfit you are wearing, new tie, your favorite cup of coffee that you usually don’t splurge on, make Monday the day you treat yourself to a little something to start your week.


Have a great week Blair County, if you have any great ideas of how you deal with Monday morning blues, please share in the comments:

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