Sep 10

McLanahan Corporation Wellness Initiative

McLanahan’s really has taken wellness to the next level with so many options for their employees, please see below. th

5K Training

  • 19 participants
  • Owner of shoe store came and spoke about the importance of the correct shoe and how to determine what the correct shoe for you
  • Employee led training with a training guide and after work run for 12 weeks
  • 6 employees finished 5k
  • T-shirts were handed out

10,000 Steps Challenge

  • 35 participants
  • Employee’s had pedometers and each days goal was to reach as many steps as they could but reaching 10,000 steps a day towards the end of the 12 weeks
  • Total steps: 11,336,724 or 5,368 miles
  • T-shirts were handed out

Biggest Loser

  • 30 participants
  • Losing the most percentage of weight in 10 weeks
  • Each week was a weigh in and a different pamphlet was handed out on different eating habits (ex: Getting more vegetables in your diet)
  • 5 lbs total were lost
  • Weekly prize winners for most percentage lost
  • 1 paid day off for biggest female and male loser

Digital Detox Week

  • 5 participants
  • Lasted 1 week
  • Worked your way up from 1 hour to 4 by the end of the week by not using anything with a screen
  • All participants completed

Healthy Habits

  • 43 participants
  • 12 week program that builds upon itself (Ex: Week 1 Wear seat belt daily, Week 2: Wear seat belt daily, put aside $1 into savings jar)
  • 3 people completed it in full
  • Subway cards were given to the three winners
  • 3 winners were entered into grand prize drawing of an extra vacation day

Movember/Lunch and Learn

  • 17 participants (Mo Grow)
  • 37 participants (lunch and learn)
  • Lunch and learn about Prostate Cancer
  • Mo grow resulted in 1 winner with the best Mo (Had to be grown from Nov 1-Nov 30)

Breast Cancer Hard hats/Lunch and Learn/Ribbon Event

  • 115 participants (hard hats)-raised money for breast cancer awareness
  • 19 participants for Lunch and Learn
  • Ribbon event-Employee’s wore their hard hats and created a human ribbon

Stress Management Lunch and Learn

  • 40 participants
  • Learned about what stress is, symptoms, consequences and how to manage stress

Maintain don’t gain

  • 17 participants
  • Employee’s tried to maintain their weight over a 6 month period (over the fall and winter holidays)
  • 6 lbs lost total
  • 8 people maintained their weight

Nutritionist Lunch and Learn

  • 17 participants
  • Learned about the proper diet and what to eat and what not to eat
  • Learned about reading food labels

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