Nov 18

Maintain Don’t Gain (its that time of year again …)


Yes Thanksgiving is fast approaching, hard to believe but it is true and with that comes the guilty pleasures we all love to indulge in. How do you possibly resist pot luck lunc
h’s, thanks giving lunches and snacks with delicious home baked goods everyone seems to bring in for the holidays? the truth is, DON’T! the holidays are a time of celebration, time for family and friends. Depriving yourself of these wonders over the holidays only makes  you hate the fact that you are dieting more. As the holidays approach temporarily shift into maintenance mode rather than dieting until after the celebrating is done (hence January wellness challenges are so much more enticing)

There isn’t a perfect way to maintain, its a personal plan depending on where you are and what you are loosing. According to for most people its an extra 200 calories a day, its important to remember you shouldn’t change your fitness routine, maintaining that will help keep your metabolism moving in the right direction and ensure you don’t gain.

Here are a few tips to help you this holiday season to keep  your weight intact:

  1. Portion Control, especially with gravy, eggnog, alcohol and desserts.
  2. Keep Moving, we all know turkey makes us sleepy, be determined that the holidays won’t set you back especially if you are away from work and not on your usual routine. Get up and put in a few extra steps, if you are on vacation, why not?
  3. Weigh in regularly, keep tabs on yourself and where you are. If you don’t like what you are seeing its time to pull back a little.
  4. Have a Healthy Breakfast, this will help feeling starving by the time celebrations start and get your metabolism moving right away.
  5. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it, Don’t waste calories on something you don’t love just for the sake of eating, limit yourself to what you love.
  6. Be accountable, organize an office pledge not to gain, weigh in before the holidays and help each other maintain throughout. Then periodically weigh in until we make it through to the New year.


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