Sep 03

Flu Shot Season

We are fast approaching flu season, kids are back in school and bring the flu home, we come to work sick because we are busy and don’t want to take the time off, what are you doing to prepare your company for flu season? Did you know that annually (according to the CDC) the flu costs the United States more than $87 billion and is responsible for the loss of close to 17 million workdays each flu seasfluon.

Here are a few recommendations from the CDC on how to handle the upcoming flu season:

  • Host a yearly flu vaccine clinic, pharmacy’s will come to your business and administer the drug for a minimal fee, usually this begins in October.
  • Allow employees to take the time to be vaccinated, encourage participation.
  • Use incentives for flu vaccination (no or low cost to employee, provide refreshment or hold a contest.
  • Washing hands regularly.
  • If your company is open to the public take extra precautions, have hand sanitzer dispensers, tissues available.
  • Stay home if you are sick, allowing employees to take a sick day to help prevent the spread of the flu.
  • Educate employees on flu signs and symptoms

In our Community, Walgreens, CVS, UPMC Urgent Care will all administer the flu vaccine. CVS will come to your place of work.

Please let us know what you do with your place of business to help fight the spread of the Flu.


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