Jul 31

Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. Tyrone PA

The second company i’d like to highlight is the Chicago Rivet Co out of Tyrone. I like this idea of companies competing against each other. I think this will really drive people and bring out their competitive side. I’d like to get some feed back on companies that think they may do this? how they think it will affect their employees (positive or negative). Lets try and get a commitment for a Blair Co Fitness Challenge!

header_ser_005In December 2013 Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. was approached by Murray Fetzer Program Director of The Tyrone Wellness Center and Richard Bishop Director of the Northern Blair Recreation Center about participating in the inaugural Corporate Wellness Challenge. It was a three month competition, January thru March, where employees from local companies would compete against each other in weight loss and BMI measurements. Other than the time the employees would be weighing in and measured there was no expense to the company and the winning team would get a healthy lunch and a traveling trophy.

That first year we had eleven employees who competed. Fortunately for our team one of our employees who had been diagnosed with diabetes had dedicated his self to making life style changes to benefit his health. His weight loss of fifty plus pounds helped carry our team to victory and we enjoyed the meal and bragging rights for that first year. To that employees credit his success continues as he is no longer taking insulin on a daily basis.

Due to the success of that first year the second challenge was started in January of 2015. This year the competition grew in the number of companies and individuals that participated. The Chicago Rivet team grew to twenty four employees and the comradery was great from the start to finish. The employees did a great job of tracking each other’s progress and challenging one another. Again we had another employee that took the lead and lost over forty pounds. The results were another win for the team, another great lunch, and bragging rights for another year. But more importantly we have healthier employees. Not all but many of those who participated have kept the weight off and have continued to exercise more regularly and that is what it’s all about.

We are looking forward to the challenge in 2016.

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