Jul 31

10 Healthy Weekend Habits

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  1. Workout in the morning (before you head out for your day and find reasons not too)
  2. Limit your drinks except water (including alcohol, carbonated or high in sugar beverages)
  3. Don’t go hungry to an event/party/outing (eat something to curtail your appetite so you don’t eat everything available that is likely full of calories and fats.
  4. Schedule some relaxation time (sit down with your feet up, read a book, sit by a camp fire, go fishing, play with your kids, whatever distresses you and prepares you for the week ahead.
  5. Get enough sleep (try and add an extra hour in bed)
  6. Get outside (go for a walk, swim, jog, bike ride, whatever you enjoy just make sure you don’t find a reason not to do it.
  7. Prepare food for the week ahead (freeze meals that you can easily heat up for a busy week night, prepare snack to take to work)
  8. Order wisely when eating at restaurants (look for the low calorie options on the menu, substitute fries for salad or veggies, drink water with lemon instead of soda)
  9. Don’t have a lazy Sunday, be productive (no matter how much you might want too)
  10. Weigh in on Mondays (did you gain/maintain or lose?)

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