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The Healthy Blair County Coalition (HBCC)

The Healthy Blair County Coalition (HBCC) is a partnership of local individuals and organizations working to promote the social, economic, emotional, and physical well-being of our area residents.


A healthy Blair County community.


The mission of the HBCC is to assess and impact all aspects of a healthy Blair County by sharing resources, engaging local partnerships, and implementing strategies and programs to make a difference in the lives of the people in our community.

What’s New!

Active Living Steps Challenge Cancelled for Now!

Although we want to encourage everyone to continue getting their daily physical activity, we are suspending the Active Living Steps Challenge that began on May 15th. We have heard from many organizations that because of school closures and employees working from home, they have had to drop out of the challenge or it’s been difficult to keep in touch with participants to gather their number of steps. Our Committee will be rescheduling the challenge as soon as we have an idea of when it makes sense to do so. In the meantime, thank you to all team leaders and participants for signing up. We will be back in touch as soon as we can.

On a positive note, the County Health Rankings were released and Blair County was ranked 43 out of 67 counties. Our rank last year was 51 so we continue to make significant improvements in the overall health of our community.


Be There School Attendance & Be There Buddy Mentoring Program

Blair County will be a pilot site to replicate the Be There School Attendance Challenge and Be There Buddy Mentoring Program (created by the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania located in Pittsburgh). This is a data-driven initiative with training, toolkits, marketing materials, and resources which will be given to Blair County schools and early childhood learning centers at no cost. United Way of Blair County is supportive and will be a major partner. Beginning this school year, task force members will conduct “Roadshow” presentations to create community awareness and assist schools in implementing the program.

The Active Living Steps Challenge has been postponed until the Fall.


  • Join the HBCC and Attend Coalition Meetings

  • Serve on Work Groups/Committees

  • Complete the 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment Surveys

  • Advertise and Support HBCC Activities.

  • Use the Let’s Move Blair County on your website, newsletters, etc. (based on usage guidelines).

  • Collaborate and Promote HBCC Initiatives such as Let’s Move Blair County, the Active Living Steps Challenge, the Rural Impact County Challenge, etc

  • Provide Funding or Sponsorships

  • Eat Healthy and Be Active

  • Include HBCC as Appropriate in Local Community Efforts

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