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The Healthy Blair County Coalition (HBCC)

The Healthy Blair County Coalition (HBCC) is an active collaboration of individuals and organizations working to promote the social, economic, emotional, and physical well-being of our area residents.


The mission of the HBCC is to assess and impact all aspects of a healthy Blair County by sharing resources, engaging local partnerships, and implementing strategies and programs to make a difference in the lives of the people in our community.

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Participate in the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment

The Healthy Blair County Coalition (HBCC) is conducting a community health needs assessment. As part of that effort, households are being surveyed to learn more about the strengths and issues in neighborhoods. Three thousand surveys were mailed to a random sampling of households in Blair County.  Responses from individual households will remain anonymous. If your household receives a survey, please complete using the instructions provided in the mailing.

Any resident who did not receive a survey in the mail and is interested in completing one can click to complete the survey .  In addition, other surveys are being emailed to service providers, associations, key informants and faith-based organizations. The information gathered from the needs assessment will be compiled over the next few months and used by many organizations to improve services and programs throughout Blair County.

Let’s Move Blair County Health Fair Prize Winners:

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our health fair at the Altoona Curve on Sunday, May 6th. Unfortunately, the cancellation of the game due to the weather didn’t allow us to announce the winners during the game. So hopefully, everyone can be notified by checking our website and Facebook page.  Except for the bike, all prizes can be picked up at the new office of the United Way of Blair County beginning Friday morning, May 11, 2018.  Their address is 208 Hollidaysburg Plaza, Duncansville, PA. Please have identification available to claim your prize. Here are the winners:
Bike – Dylan Keith
Nutribullet – Misty Wilson
$50 Gift Card Shoe Fly Store – Janet Taylor
$50 Gift Card Shoe Fly Store – Jerry Owudri
Fitbit – Noah Updike
Swell Bottle – Jennifer S. James
Let’s Move Blair County T-shirt – Jason Engler
Four Altoona Curve Tickets – Colin Spielvogle
Two All-Day Fun Passes Delgrosso’s Park/Laguna Splash – Jeremy Sivits
$25 Sheetz Gift Card – Brayden Vinson
Micro Green Grow Kit – Dakota Yebell (spelling??)
Bocce Ball Fun Game – Denise Bagley
Medication Lock Box – Shane Conrad
Tyrone Fitness Center – no cards submitted

If you have any questions, please contact the Healthy Blair County Coalition at 814-317-5108 ext 305.

  • Join the HBCC and Attend Coalition Meetings

  • Serve on Work Groups/Committes

  • Complete the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment Surveys

  • Advertise and Support HBCC Activities. Use the Let’s Move Blair County on your website, newsletters, etc. (based on usage guidelines).

  • Collaborate and Promote HBCC Initiatives such as Let’s Move Blair County, the Corporate Wellness Challenge, the Rural Impact County Challenge, etc

  • Provide Funding or Sponsorships

  • Eat Healthy and Be Active

  • Include HBCC as Appropriate in Local Community Efforts

To learn more about HBCC or how you can get involved,

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